Let's throw away the hate and rock tonight


8 October
I love music, my guitar, ice-cream, twitter and Paramore. I live in Peru, South America. I'm fan of Paramore since 2008 when I saw them on TV, and I love them so much! You can't even imagine, there has been people who has told I'm obssesed with them well, you know? it may be true but that feeling is nice haha and it's good to share the same feeling with some fans/friends, so I don't care what you think 'bout it. I believe in God but I don't go to church and all that kind of stuff because I'm just not used to that, I love the song One Of Us by Joan Osborne anyway (yeah God is great, God is good) I think there's so much questions about God and faith, you know church and people who is so into religion always try to make us believe in "a God", heaven, even hell but the only think Jesus always did was to give love to everybody, poor people, old people, young people, sinners, everybody! that's why I think it is all about showing love, treat people like God is there, what if God was one of us? just like the song, love people well and stop fighting religion vs. religion, you think that's what God want us to do? life it's about trying to understand people who surround you and help them if they make mistakes, trying to do things the right way, anddddd I think I better stop saying all this and skip to another topics . I have a notebook:). I keep all my personal stuff there, because I like to have momories, like old pictures, videos blah blah. If you don't know me well you'd think I'm very shy but I guess I don't like trusting people I don't really know, it takes some time. I don't know if you're getting bored haha but I'll keep on writing, I used to have a rock band on high school but it was only for fun, nothing formal, we used to hang in my house and cover some songs, we always wanted to record a song but that never happened and now I just play my guitar when I have time, some times I write songs but like said before it's all for fun and because I really enjoy and love doing it. Oops I think I wrote my whole life down here haha, just kidding these are just some things about my life, one life, one change. k bye !